Music Servicing


Music Servicing + Strategy worldwide.

Let’s get a few things straight about Media Servicing:

FACT: Radio, TV, reviewers, bloggers can not ever play your music, even if they wanted to, if they don’t have it.

FACT: Contacting media directly and posting them your music is both time consuming and lowers your chances of exposure – Just sending music out is not enough!

FACT: Using reputable servicing through industry standard channels gets your music to the right people in the right way – it’s better for everyone.

FACT: This is how the big labels and artists get music to media – Except without Ben’s strategy.

FACT: BSE Australia gets your music to our carefully screened lists, with press release, and sends detailed reports to your PR company for maximum benefit.

FACT: Servicing with BSE reaches more decision makers, more effectively, is more professional and costs far less per media outlet than contacting them directly and sending a CD yourself.

Why is our added strategy so important?

Media receive huge volumes of music, both good and bad from all different sources. The truth is so much happens before your music even gets heard by anyone!

At the core, we use our industry accepted digital distribution solution which is targeted, tracked and regularly used by media. To this we add what no one else can – Ben Sorensen’s master strategy to set your music above the rest.

We help give your music the best chance to actually be heard.

Respect your music, your craft and yourself by stepping away from the pack and professionally servicing your music to media with BSE.

Royalties anyone?

You did read that right… Unlike other methods of getting your music to media, servicing with BSE ensures you get the most royalties possible by embedding both your ISRC code and unique download code into the digital file.

PLUS we also service to our custom list of unique non-traditional music users that pay royalties long term.

Which countries can I get my music to?

We service in the following countries:

Australia | New Zealand | Ireland | UK | Canada | USA

Where do prices start?

Pricing start from $600 for our customised servicing and basic strategy.

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