In this ever competitive world filled with time pressures, those who stand out from the crowd in Real Estate are those who have the vision to deliver clear, concise, descriptive media about their property that instantly communicates both features and feeling to motivate and create potential buyers and solid qualified leads.

The most efficient way is though BSE Australia’s Real Estate Walkthrough Video package to help with all kinds of real estate marketing.

Use our videos to promote an open house, auction, or the listing of a property – and it also provides solid branding for both the agency and the agent.

Best of all this tool is cost effective enough that it is within reach for over 90% of properties on the market and one of the easiest tools to sell to vendors.

All our Real Estate Walkthrough Videos:

  • Delivered in High Definition
  • Are Social Media friendly (Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Google+, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Come with a fully produced professional voice over
  • Have a Fast turnaround 
  • Branded to match your agency, and feature the agent
  • Do not require us to visit the property
  • Are delivered in English but can be translated into Mandarin, German, or Japanese.

You supply; upto 10 photos, property blurb, agent details, agency logo then we do the rest – and usually within 48 hours!

This powerful tool is essential in every successful real estate marketing package.

Contact us now to get videos for your listings and get you the edge over your competition!